Hawaii Academy of Physician Assistants

PA Proud! KONA UW Medicine MEDEX Program

Posted 3 months ago by Rocco Laudadio jr.

Today, Joel Hamaguchi and I had the incredible opportunity to meet with the leaders and first PA class of the new UW Kailua-Kona PA program (MEDEX NORTHWEST).  The students are highly motivated and are eager to join our profession and represent the communities they grew up in within our islands. 

Today is a day to celebrate and remind one another how fortunate we are-- to be a part of such a great profession. 

Today, I personally, will use this as a reminder to take time to educate a few extra patients about our profession and reengage my docs and office manager about the importance of taking PA students throughout the year.

I hope that all of you have the opportunity to do the same.


Rocco Laudadio Jr., DHSc., PA-C