Hawaii Academy of Physician Assistants

Emergency outreach call for help in Samoa

Posted 7 months ago by Matthew Kwock

Hawai`i PAs –

The State of Samoa is currently in a Measles outbreak crisis. The latest report had 60 measles related deaths and over 3,700 reported cases. The state is currently in Mass Vaccination Campaign. As a result, they are in dire need of people qualified to administer vaccines, and/or be able to identify persons who area already ill.

Hawaiian Airlines is sponsoring a chartered flight at NO COST, and housing arrangements/accommodations are also being arranged at NO COST. Meals will likely also be provided.

Anyone interested in going will need to get emergency lab draw at a local lab (TBD) to obtain titers to ensure they are immune from measles.

Full details are not finalized as of the writing of this email – however the flight may leave as soon as tomorrow night, December 3rd or possibly evening of December 4th, for a three to four day outreach.

If anyone is interested, email Dr. Scott Miscovich directly at ssmhawaii@aol.com or call the office of Lt. Governor Josh Green (808) 586-0255