Hawaii Academy of Physician Assistants

HAPA MEETING and PA Practice Laws Update 3/20/2019

Posted over 1 year ago by Christina Starks

Dear PA friends and supporters,


HAPA General Meeting – April 3rd 2019

We would like to call a HAPA member meeting.  We will have an option for neighbor island PAs to have access to the meeting.  At this meeting we would like to discuss by-laws, PA practice law updates, and recruit members to run for HAPA board positions this summer.  The meeting will be at Shriner’s Hospital Wednesday, April 3rd at 6pm – 7:30pm.  We will send a RSVP.


PA Practice Law Updates - SB 1406 (Bill for Medical Record Review and Re-licensure Updates):

SB1406/HB935 bill for PA practice updates was streamlined down to improving chart review and re-licensure.  I have been working closely with the Hawaii Medical Board, key stakeholders, and AAPA to fine tune the language for a mutual benefit.   In the first senate draft there was co-signature language.  This was surprising, undesirable and a mistake as co-sign is not currently required by law.  I worked with closely with the Board and key stakeholders to fix this as we wanted to remove co-signature and reduce the percentage of charts reviewed.  I worked with AAPA and I offered the board amendments prior to the last Medical Board meeting.  The executive director of the Medical Board offered another amendment that achieved these goals, and this was presented at today’s hearing with the House Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce.   I am happy to report the committee passed the bill and it will move on to the next and final hearing with the Finance Committee.  Overall, the 100% chart review will change to a reduced, tiered system with no co-sign and re-licensure will require 40 CME rather than the PANRE. You can follow this measure here for specific language.  https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/measure_indiv.aspx?billtype=SB&billnumber=1406&year=2019


Hawaii Medical Board:

For the past two months I have been working closely with the Executive Director of the Hawaii Medical Board.  We are planning to sit down and draft language for a proper modernization of PA practice laws for next year.  I have asked to present an update on PA practice and national trends after this legislative session ends.  This is a very important relationship to protect and nurture – if the Board is on board then we have greater chances of making substantial improvements that reflect where PA practice is today.


Hawaii Medical Association:

I have had regular communications with the Executive Director and the President of the Hawaii Medical Association.  Likewise, I plan to meet with their legislative team and present an update on PA practice and national trends. 


Kaiser/HPMG and Hawaii Pacific Health:

I have built strong relationships with these organizations as they are supporters of modernizing PA practice laws.  These key stakeholders continue to be the largest employer of PAs in the state.  The have been instrumental advocates of PA practice and I am truly thankful for their support.


American Academy of PAs:

I am in weekly communication with the Constituent Organization support from AAPA as it pertains to the bills we have been working on.  I have just returned from the AAPA Legislative and Advocacy Summit 2019 in Alexandria, Virginia.  Together with our HAPA Treasurer Joel Hamaguchi (a CPA turned into a PA!) we made a visit to Capitol Hill and was able to speak with the offices of Hawaii Congressional leaders.



We are making incremental improvements and forging relationships that will pave the way to a proper modernization of PA practice laws.  Thank you for your continued support and trust in me as the President and Legislative Affairs Liaison for the Hawaii Academy of PAs.



Mahalo nui loa,

Christina Starks, MPA, PA-C