Companion Bills - HB935 and SB1406

Posted over 5 years ago by Christina Starks

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Dear friends:

We have our companion bill, HB935 and SB1406, being introduced by Rep. John Mizuno and Sen. Dru Kanuha.  Companion bills are identical versions of the same bill that are introduced in both the House and the Senate to increase the chance of passage.

Today Senator Baker’s office stated she wanted more time to review the bill and was maxed on the 5 bills per day.  I am still following up with her office as they have been very helpful and truly gracious to even consider the bill.  This is an important relationship to nurture. 

Senator Kanuha was contacted by his Kona constituents and agreed to sponsor the bill.


What to do now:

Prepare for testimony.  Once there is a public hearing, you can submit testimony either in person or online.  You can save 3 minutes and register now at

You can sign up for hearing notifications of HB935 and SB1406 from their respective houses.

There is also a Citizen’s Guide to the Legislative Process.  I read needed this because my most recent knowledge base of legislation is House of Cards and I barely remember School House Rock’s “I’m Just A Bill.” (It’s on youtube).

We need our fellow PAs ready to give testimony but also physicians, recruiters, patients, community members, etc.  The more support, the better – from all facets of the community.


Testimony time:

When we receive the hearing notice, I will email it ASAP and it will be like a fire drill – very quick turn around.  We will come up with some templates.  If you can make it in person to the State capitol then even better.  For now, if you have some experience and can help with making templates…even mo bettah!  We could use all the help right now.


Will this be a one-time testimonial?

No, since this is a bill from the Senate and House of Reps there will be several committee hearings.  Fortunately, copy paste is a glorious invention.  I believe there is a save feature to online testimony as well.


Can we PAs communicate with one another?

Yes! I made a closed facebook group awhile back – Aloha PAs.    Join and I’ll add you.  We will need a few admins as well to help with quick response times, etc.  And let’s all remember “A-L-O-H-A, spread a little Aloha around the world”…and amongst each other on social network. 


That is all for now.


Christina Starks