Immediate Job Opening Psychiatry/Mental Health

Posted about 6 years ago by Rocco Laudadio jr.

I will also post to HAPA Job Board:

Searching for an PA to join a mental health practice. The job would be three eight-hour shifts per week, Thursday through Saturday, but subject to change as patient increases. PA would see patients independently from Dr. Cook, and would help carry out his treatment plans.

Other days of the week would involve some minor amount of work, phone calls and electronic refills from home. Dr. Cook is interested in a PA who is eager to learn from, and add to, his alternative approach to psychiatry, and intends to train the PA in advanced psychopharmacology and in alternative treatments. Pay would be volume based, and would potentailyl be competitive with full time pay.

Please Conatct Dr. Cook if interested: 

Thomas Cook, M.D.
ph (808) 457-1082
fx (808) 356-1649