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Promoting Each Other and Our Profession

Posted 11 months ago by Rocco Laudadio jr.

Promoting Each Other and Our Profession

I heard a talk this weekend that made me think about us (PAs). The scope of the talk was “Team Building”; how to construct organizational and individual professional growth.

What are we doing to promote each other in our individual practice and areas of expertise? What are we doing to promote our individual “Physician-PA Teams” for each other? 

For me, I began to think, how can WE individually help other PAs in their practice of medicine, and their practice groups.

We are well trained health care providers who help and care for our patients; each one of us have a skill-set that we can lend to each other’s patients.

I would like to introduce a new TAB that will SOON be available on HAPA’s “MyPAnetwork”. I would like to call it “PAs in Practice”.

Under this TAB, you will be able to find “Physician-PA Teams” (by type of practice) to utilize for patient referrals, and other professional related needs.

If interested, please send your information to contacthapa@gmail.com . In the subject line type: “PAs in Practice” and your area of medicine. Use the format listed below.

Here is what mine looks like (use this format so that we can keep it uniformed): 

Email subject line: “PAs in Practice” Dermatology

Rocco Laudadio Jr., DHSc., PA-C
Kitagawa Dermatology, LLC
Medical, Surgical, and Cosmetic Dermatology
321 N. Kuakini Street, Suite 610
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Referral Call line: 808.533.4434
Insurances accepted: HMSA, UHA, HMAA, Medicare , VA, Tricare, other

Special Notes:

-PA will TRY to accommodate URGENT consults within 3 business days –when referred by you or your office staff.