Hawaii Academy of Physician Assistants


Posted about 1 year ago by Rocco Laudadio jr.

Re: HB 2578, Removing PANRE from State Licensing Requirements.

Below is an update provided by PA Di Martino Yesterday (18 FEB 2018):

"We've cleared 2 committees HHS and IAC. Wednesday the 21st of February the bill enters the CPC committee. The final and most difficult committee.

If you would please go to capitol.hawaii.gov ,sign in, and then go to HB 2578 and send in your testimony it would be greatly appreciated. Best make this one strong and powerful showing exams do not measure the quality of care given by PA's. This is a tough committee and when the goings get tough ,the tough get going!

All other friends and family please submit same testimony as in past.That will be fine.

Here are the committee members: